Trello + Instabug = ❤️

1. Report bugs and send feedback directly from your device.   2. View all the bug details on Instabug and forward them to Trello with one click!     3. Collaborate with your team in your Trello dashboard Instabug is the easiest way for your mobile users and beta testers to report bugs and send feedback about your mobile

Feedback Reporting via Email Composer

Since the first version of the SDK, we’ve been pushing ourselves towards building an experience that’s transparent to the user. Starting with simple UI elements that fits different app designs, and offering colors customizations for all the UI elements. But with the constant urge to simplify our design, we’ve decided to take it a step

New Pricing Plans

So you might have already noticed that we’ve announced our new pricing plans yesterday. The change is mainly targeted towards adding more and more plans to fit all our different users. We’ve added automated rules across the different plans and introduced a new plan with support for white labeling the SDK. Here’s how our pricing

Instabug SDK for Android Customization Tips

Alright so hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to integrate the Instabug SDK for Android into your application and have received your first bug, crash and feedback report! If you still haven’t, you can read my previous blog post to see how. For this blog post, I want to take the time to explain some

Instabug for Android finally here!

I’ve been working non-stop on the Instabug for Android SDK. Today I’m happy to tell you that Droid has a new friend! When developing the SDK I tried to remain true to the core axiom of Instabug, simplicity of integration! To get the SDK working you need few simple steps: Acquire the SDK:  For Gradle

The future of bugtracking is here! #InstabugV2

We have been listening to your feedback and feature requests, and we are extremely excited to announce the launch of #InstabugV2. Here are the top five feature enhancements that you asked for. Know what users did w/out asking How many times did you ask this question: “Can you please tell me what did you do

Integrating Instabug’s SDK: Tips & Tricks

We’ve been determined from day 1 to always keep the integration of our SDK a breeze. And we’ve been able to achieve this successfully, I guess, by keeping it just a line of code that you add to your app in less than 60 seconds. However, on our way of adding more and more features,

5 reasons why you need to integrate in app feedback mechanism

You’ve done a great job developing your app and curating your idea and it’s about time to launch your first version to testers/users through the AppStore or beta testing platform like TestFlight, you can’t wait to know how they think about your app, you are just inches away from success right? …. WRONG!! Many have

iOS 7.1 / Xcode 5.1: What's in it for developers?

Apple released a new version of iOS and Xcode (iOS 7.1 and Xcode 5.1) last week that included many features and fixes that were long-awaited. Other than the support for CarPlay, the update includes several significant enhancements and additions. We’re listing here a few: Noticeable new design for the phone app, introducing more of the