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The wait is OVER! We proudly announce the launch of Instabug’s public beta today at MobileBeat 2013.

It’s ironic that mobile app developers spend countless hours building apps for users, yet don’t provide a simple, easy, and convenient way for them to report.

Developers need feedback, but it’s often a pain for users to report bugs. Few will actually send an e-mail, or leave a comment on a social media page.



Instabug For All


Today we offer Instabug for all. It’s a brand new tool for developers and users alike that solves this great divide by enabling users to give direct feedback on an app in the best way imaginable: simply by shaking the phone.

“When you’re angry at an app, what’s the first thing you think of doing? You shake it! It’s a completely natural reaction,” explains Instabug Co-Founder Moataz Soliman.

With one line of code, and in less than a minute, developers can seamlessly integrate Instabug’s bug reporting feature into any mobile application.



Bug Reporting


By shaking the phone, users activate Instabug’s automatic feedback form where they can write comments as well as capture a screenshot and draw on it for further annotation. This information then goes directly to the developer — all without leaving the original app.

Instabug also automatically gathers all device details — such as model, OS, user location, connectivity, and even the console log — and sends them for developers to view on Instabug’s organized dashboard, or forwards them to your favorite bug tracking tool.



Startup Journey


Instabug launched its private beta in April 2013 targeting the iOS platform. In the months since, Instabug won first prize in the MIT Arab Business Plan Competition, beating out 4,000 other regional startups, and was nominated by Google for Entrepreneurs to participate in Blackbox Connect’s summer program.

We’ve heard some awesome feedback from mobile developers around the globe:

“Instabug is magical! With one line of code, you can make users enjoy reporting bugs.”
– Dani Arnaout, Appwe

“Their system has an additional benefit. Because people can now give feedback inside the app, they don’t write as many negative reviews on the App Store! We noticed this with our app that had a bug, and 80% of complaints went to Instabug instead of an App Store review!”
– Rand Hindi, Snips

Instabug was founded by a young team of passionate Egyptians and incubated at Cairo’s Flat6Labs accelerator during the Summer 2012 cycle. In early July, Instabug closed a seed round of $150,000 from Egyptian angel investors, facilitating the much anticipated launch of its public beta version.