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In case you haven’t seen the latest batch of featured apps on the U.S. App Store, we’d like to introduce you to a sweet new travel app called LoungeBuddy.

LoungeBuddy helps you figure out how to spend your time at the airport, whether you’re a casual traveler flying economy with a long layover, a road warrior looking to maximize productivity, or an elite leisure traveler flying first class (and making all the rest of us jealous with your free cookies).

LB’s live app was released last week after three months of internal testing using Instabug’s SDK. The app has continued to be featured on the app store since the day of its launch and is quickly racking up dozens of five-star reviews.

We reached out to Zac Altman, LoungeBuddy’s CTO, and chatted with him about LoungeBuddy and his experience using Instabug.



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A piece of feedback sent to LoungeBuddy using Instabug