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We have been listening to your feedback and feature requests, and we are extremely excited to announce the launch of #InstabugV2. Here are the top five feature enhancements that you asked for.





1. Know what users did without asking


How many times did you ask this question: “Can you please tell me what did you do for this bug to happen?”. Now you automatically get a list of steps that the user did in your app before reporting the bug to help you reproduce it.



2. Assign bugs to your team


Keep everything in order by assigning bugs to the person in charge of fixing it. Whether it is a visual, performance, or functional bug, assign it to your team member to quickly fix it and notify you when it is fixed.



3. Turn angry users into loyal fans


Some angry users are complaining about a bug? No problem! Now you get a chance to reply directly to them from your dashboard and avoid public rants on social media. You can even notify them when you push a fix to this particular bug.




4. Monitor what’s happening


Be in control and know what is happening in your app, who recently joined your team, who fixed an assigned bug, who commented on a bug or even when a new SDK was released.



5. Comment on bugs


Instead of discussing bugs in long e-mail threads and having problems when you forgot to copy one of your team, you can comment on each bug so everyone in your team can see it.



There’s still a lot more to discover!

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to come back to Instabug, now is it. If we’ve missed a feature you are waiting for or you would like to give us feedback, please let us know.