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We’ve been working really hard for the past few months to make your experience using Instabug even better based on your feedback and suggestions. And today we are proud to announce the launch of three new features:



Android SDK v 1.0



We want to serve all your users on all platforms and give them the exact smooth experience when reporting bugs or sending feedback so we provided you with the same level of customization and details in the Android SDK.



Crash Reporting



Get notified when your app crashes with the exact same level of detail. You won’t need to guess why the crash happened. You’ll get the symbolicated stack trace, the environment details, as well as the user steps and how it happened.



In-App Chat



Talking to your users through e-mails is really inefficient. So instead of getting lost in e-mail threads, now you can talk to your users directly from your dashboard. You will instantly have an organized customer support tool without adding any more code.



There’s still a lot more to discover!


If you’ve been waiting for the right time to come back to Instabug, now is it. If we’ve missed a feature you are waiting for or you would like to give us feedback, please let us know.