This blog post is only relevant to users that were on paid plans before 1-Feb-2016 (beta pricing). Otherwise, you can head over to our pricing page to view all the details.

In case you missed the news last week, we’re finally out of beta with Instabug 3.0! We’ve rebuilt Instabug (Dashboard and SDK) from the ground up. You can read more about that in our post about the launch.

Along with that, we’re winding down the discounted beta pricing starting 11-March-2016, and we’re making a few changes to the pricing model itself.

Our goal was to find a pricing model that serves the different use cases Instabug is used for, and we’ve finally reached something we believe is best for everyone. The aim is to let you choose which features you need, not how many MAUs, issues, apps, or team members you need. Here it is:


Instabug pricing



What has changed?


  1. There’s no maximum apps and members you can have on each plan. You can now add whatever you need on any plan and pay as you go. No need to upgrade to get more.

  2. Unlimited issues and 1,000,000 MAUs free for all plans.

  3. We’re adding data retention limits on each plan to be able to serve your requests faster.

  4. We’re introducing the Enterprise plan to serve your custom needs.



What does that mean to you?


The new plans are already effective for all new users. For our existing paying users (you included), you’ll continue on the same discounted plan you’re already on until 11-March-2016. During that time, I advise you to head over to the company page and choose which plan you want to continue with.

Since we still have nearly one month, I’d love to make sure that transition is as smooth as possible, so let me know if you need any help with choosing the plan that suits your needs. Just shoot me any questions or concerns at and I’ll reply as soon as possible.



Final note


“Why is Instabug still in beta?” is a question we got a lot from our users. The answer is simple: We were doing lots of experiments while developing Instabug and we knew that by doing so, the product wouldn’t be that stable.

The initial users of Instabug were all geeky software engineers and adding more features was more important than stability, so the “beta” label was fine then. But now, we’re powering over 12,000 apps, so stability and reliability is a critical requirement.

We’re not saying that Instabug is currently bug free. We have bugs that we’re currently working on squashing. But the process itself has changed. Moving forward, we’ll be favoring stability over features and all Instabug users will get only stable features. And if you would like to test the latest features we’re working on, you can join our beta program.