From beta testers to leads and customers to advocates, knowing how to convert people is always tricky. One way of reaching out to any of them is to speak with them directly and provide them with a channel to communicate with you. That’s where push notifications come in, allowing you to send targeted messages that could include app updates, news, and relevant content for your intended audience.

In this blog post, we compiled all the cool push notifications tools out there to make it easier for you to choose the tool that benefits your app the most.



1. Urban Airship


An app messaging platform that helps you create user retention strategies, perform audience analysis, and target message campaigns.

Core Features: Interactive push notifications, in-app messaging, and one of a kind messaging center. It also allows for app engagement, segmentation, and integration with Apple Passbook and Google wallet.

Pricing: 45-day free trial with access to the complete feature set. You must contact them to request pricing.

Key Customers: ABC News, Adidas, Airbnb, Accu Weather, NBC News, and Virgin Atlantic.



2. Parse



Easy to integrate with any app, Parse Push provides detailed stats and a wide range of push messages, analytics, and cloud storage for massive scale push notifications.

Core Features: Advanced targeting and scheduling, cloud support, push experiments, and non-technical integration.

Pricing: All packages are free.

Key Customers: Wargaming, Orbitz, Naver, CBS interactive, WB and Kiehl’s.



3. Mixpanel


Mix panel

Instead of tracking page views, it tracks the actions people take in your mobile or web application. They monitor engagement and let you know what needs attention.

Core Features: Targeted messages, notifications scheduling, and A/B testing to figure out the right message. It also has event tracking, instant and real-time data analysis, and retroactive funnel reports.

Pricing: They offer engagement plans and people plans with add-ons and access to more features to analyze specific users and re-engage with them. The first two plans are free for the first 25,000 users. Their Startup plan costs $150 a month.



4. Push Woosh



Compatible with many platforms, it provides easy audience segmentation and reporting. There’s multi-language support, advanced statistics, and location-based tagging.

Core Features: Time zone, push scheduling, geo-location push, and a private cloud.

Pricing: They offer a free package for the first five applications and 1,000,000 devices. The paid packages start at $49.90 per month.

Key Customers: HP, Suzuki, Carrefour, Deloitte Digital, Bosch and Lott.



5. Swrve


Swrve is an integrated marketing, A/B testing, and optimization platform for mobile apps that is built as a scalable cloud service.

Core Features: In-app campaigns and messaging as well as market automation.

Pricing: On request.

Key Customers: Microsoft, Sony, EA, and Sega.



6. Kahuna


Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.06.19 AM

Automation platform that provides push notifications, in-app messaging, e-mails, and Facebook ads.

Core Features: Automated life-cycle campaigns and person-centric data layers.

Pricing: On request. 

Key Customers: The Weather Channel, Yelp, Yahoo, and Tumblr.



7. Nudgespot



Allows you to create triggered or automated push notifications to specific segments based on user behavior.

Core Features: Proactive, customized notifications, and user reports.

Pricing: 14-day free trial and paid subscriptions start at $39 per month.

Key Customers: Ola, Blue Stone, Zivame, and Easy Generator.



8. PushBots


Push bots

PushBots allow you to send your messages to any mobile platform, directly from your dashboard. You can choose your audience based on username, specific device, geographic location, or send broadcasts.

Core Features: Retargeting, engagement campaigns, and dynamic push notifications.

Pricing: It’s free for the first 1,500,000 pushes/month, then pricing starts from $49 per month.

Key Customers: The X Factor,, Nile Fm 104.2, and Nogoom Fm.



9. mBlox



Mblox allows you to reach your app users with push messaging and provide them with a tailored app experience. Their mobile SDK enables the delivery of push notifications and in-app rich content messages.

Core Features: Two-way messaging, long message support, multiple formats messages, and data-driven campaigns.

Pricing: On request.

Key Customers: iHeart Radio, Kellogs, MTV, Nascar, NFL, and Nickelodean.



10. InAppBlast


in app blast

Includes all necessary stats with a handy design and supports both segment and personal targeted messages.

Core Features: Outside and in-app notifications, A/B testing, and user behavior analysis.

Pricing: Free.



11. Quickblox



With automated news, updates, and alerts notifications, Quickblox offers several unique call to actions regardless of the push notification sent.

Core Features: Calling, messaging tools, and customized scheduling.

Pricing: There’s a free package for the first 20,000 active monthly users and then pricing starts at $49 a month. It goes to as high as $2,399 a month for an infinite number of monthly active users.



12. AppBooster


Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 5.10.22 AM

Developed by Appfire, AppBooster cross-promotes multiple apps and makes sure that your users are always using your app.

Core Features: Two-way inbox and monitor feedback through a native feedback system.

Pricing: Free.



13. Oracle’s


Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 5.11.35 AM

Automated tool to manage notifications and perform audience reviews. Mainly focuses on e-mail notifications and SMS.

Core Features: Individualized, customer-centric SMS campaigns, auto push, and advanced analytics.

Pricing: On request.

Key Customers: Avalara, Exact, Lenovo, and JetBlue.



14. Localytics



Provides in-app, e-mail, and re-marketing campaigns. Allows you to trigger instant notifications through Localytics Push API, with joint sessions, events, and profile data to easily create and define target segments.

Core Features: Conversion booster, personalized push notifications, custom scheduling, and automated campaigns.

Pricing: They have a free package and pricing starts at $200 a month for analytics and $400 for analytics and marketing.

Key Customers: Espn, HBO, Zipcar, and CVS pharmacy.



15. StreetHawk


Street Hawk

Based on growth automation, Streethawk focuses on increasing customer lifetime value through acquisition and engagement. Each push notification is supported by relevant analytics and A/B testing to induce engagement.

Core Features: Simple push notifications, real-time campaigns, and personalized onboarding.

Pricing: There’s a free plan up to 10,000 users. Prices for other plans are on request.





Developed by IBM, XTIFY offers planning, integration, and debugging. It sends relevant and timed content to any Internet-enabled device.

Core Features: Targeted campaigns based on time zones, CRM, and customization.

Pricing: On request.






Countly notifications integrate very easily with analytics to give you an overall view of application behavior when they receive a push notification.

Core Features: Monitor the conversion of push notifications in real-time and customization of messages in terms of targeting and timing.

Pricing: The basic plan is free (10,000 sessions and events) and paid accounts start from $60 per month.

Key Customers: Coupon, Verizon, Intel, Samsung, Evernote, and L’Oreal Paris.



18. Notifica


Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.25.49 PM

Allows you to send timed and customized notifications to reach customers personally and transform their experience.

Core Features: Interactive and contextual notifications, automated, and categorized insights.

Pricing: The basic plans are for 19 and 59 Euro per month while premium ones are for 149 Euro or a custom made package.

Key Customers: Hema, Lotto, PWC, and Tesco.



19. Push Apps


Push apps

PushApps creates new real estate for house ads, such as content recommendations, cross-sales, and polls. It provides automated content recommendations to gain an increased CTR and enables the publisher to expose its users to more content, without spamming them.

Core Features: Smart recommendations and monetization through push messages.

Pricing: Startup plans start at $24 per month while Pro plans starts at $49 per month.

Key Customers: The Daily Star, Greek Time, and NRG.



20. OneSignal



Allows you to push notification delivery and analytics for web and mobile apps. It includes real-time tracking and A/B testing, with ease of integration with almost all platforms.

Core Features: Personalized notifications and automatic delivery of relevant notifications based on each user.

Pricing: Free.

Key Customers: Uber, Zynga, 9GaG, and East Side Games.



Now that you have all the most used and insightful tools for pushing notifications and engaging with your users, make sure to monitor users’ behavior and how they react to your messages. It could literally make or break your app, so prepare yourself to choose the right weapons to help you out!