With countless people on Twitter tweeting iOS-related thoughts and links, it’s hard to know who actually shares meaningful content. Fill your Twitter feed with inspiring people who actually say things of value and engage with you in fruitful conversations. Here are some of the most awesome iOS Twitterati you should be following.


Ray Wenderlich (@rwenderlich)

Wenderlich is an iPhone developer. He tweets on topics related to iPhone, software, and gaming. He runs an iOS tutorial website for iOS developers.

Dave Verwer (@daveverwer)

Founder of Curated, also run iOS Dev Weekly.

John Gruber (@gruber)

Creator of

Marco Arment (@Marcoarment)

Owner of

Nikias Bassen (@pimskeks)

iOS Developer & Hacker, Reverse Engineer, Security Expert evasi0n, and libimobiledevice.

Dustin Diaz (@ded)

Node/iOS/Swift/Unicorn Developer. Previously at Medium, Twitter, and Google.

Adam Swinden (@adamswinden)

Senior iOS Developer for  and compiler of .

Javier Soto (@javi)

iOS Engineer at Twitter and previously Pebble. Functional Programming enthusiast.

Ole Begemann (@olebegmann)

iOS and Mac developer from Berlin. Also tweets as (in German).

Simon Ng (@simonng)

Founder of AppCoda. iOS developer and blogger.

Eric Vitiello (@pixel)

Software Engineering Manager at Apple.

Ben Sandofsky (@sandofsky)

Building apps. Advisor to . Formerly: Technical Consultant to HBO’s Silicon Valley, tech lead of Twitter for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Ørta (@orta)

Works at  and .

Neil Inglis (@neilinglis)

Edinburgh-based developer for all Apple platforms.

Peter Steinberger (@steipete)

Developer, designer, speaker. Working on , the most advanced PDF framework for iOS and Android.

Andy Matuschak (@andy_matuschak)

Mobile development lead at . Helped build iOS 4.1–8 on the UIKit team.

Greg Heo (@gregheo)

iOS developer, writer, and editor.

NatashaTheRobot (@natashatherobot)

Addicted to learning. iOS Engineer and robot. Currently learning Swift and WatchOS.

Joe Groff (@jckarter)

Works on the Swift programming language.

Ole Zorn (@olemoritz)

Indie iOS developer – Pythonista, Editorial. Blog: Ole Mortiz.

Mikerosoft Rundll32 (@flyosity)

Owns designthencode website.

Aaron Hillegass (@Aaronhillegass)

Author of books on Cocoa, iOS, and Objective-C. Founder of Big Nerd Ranch, Inc.

Cocoanetics  (@cocoanetics)

iOS developer, trainer, coach, iOS tech journalist.

Joe Conway (@joeconwaystk)

The owner of . Author of iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide.

Sophia Teutschler (@_soaps)

UIKit Frameworks Engineer at Apple and Founder of Sophiestication Software.

Dan Counsell (@dancounsell)

Designer and coder for Realmac Software.

Chris Hanson (@eschaton)

 ObjC hacker.

Mike Matas (@mike_matas)

Facebook Design Lead — Paper & Instant Articles.

Loren Brichter (@lorenb)

Now: atebits. Before: Apple, Twitter.

Daniel Jalkut (@danielpunkass)

Founder of Red Sweater Software.

Mark Jardine(@markjardine)

Designer at .

Craig Hockenberry (@chockenberry)

Writer of the first Twitter app.

Florian Kugler (@floriankugler)

iOS & Mac developer. Worked on ,, , and .

Jake Marsh (@jakemarsh)

iOS developer, designer, blogger. Creator of , , and .

Meng To (@mengto)

Designer, coder, and founder of

Guy English (@gte)

The founder of  KickingBear  and co-hosts the Debug podcast along with Rene Ritchie where they interview indie app developers.

David Smith (@DavidSmith)

Independent iOS developer. Hosts the Developing Perspective podcast.

Chris Eidhof (@chriseidhof)

Creator of  and .

Mattt Thompson (@mattt)

iOS developer, open source contributor (AFNetworking), NSHipster founder.

Chris Lattner (@Clattner_llvm)

Swift creator.

Nate Cook (@nnnnnnnn)

iOS developer and creator of

Jon Reid (@qcoding)

Creator and writer of

Ben Scheirman (@subdigital)

iOS/Mac screencasts at  and host of .

James Thompson (@jamesthompson)

Indie iOS/Mac developer, maker of PCalc and DragThing. Occasional writer, conference speaker, and podcast pundit.

Matt Galloway (@mattjgalloway)

iOS developer, author of Effective Objective-C 2.0, and owns

Ken Yarmosh (@kenyarmosh)

Runs  and helps companies launch successful applications. Editor’s Choice, 20+ featured apps, startups, product guy, O’Reilly author.

Hosam Hassan (@Objective_Neo)

Founder of TodoMovieApp, and .

Sam Soffes (@soffes)

Developer and designer. Overly passionate about motorcycles and burgers.

Robert Padbury (@padbury)

Freelance designer for folks like Instagram, Facebook, and Uber. Creator of AtelierCards andPadburyClock. Former Senior UI Designer at Apple.

Keith Shepherd (@kshepherd)

Founder of Imangi Studios. Creator of Temple Run. Interested in iOS development.

Marc Edwards (@marcedwards)

Founder and designer at , host of with and . Currently building .

Paul Haddad (@tapbot_paul)

Lead developer for .

Evan Doll (@edog1203)

EIR at Redpoint. Flipboard co-founder, early iPhone engineer at Apple, taught CS193P.

Tim Van Damme (@maxvoltar)

Design at , hatmaker at .

Max Seelemann (@macguru17)

Founder and lead developer at .

Nicholas Waynik (@n_dubbs)

iOS developer and owner of

Michael Nachbaur (@NachoMan)

iOS app developer at Salesforce.

Matthew Bischoff (@mb)

Writes software and sentences at , greattalksnet. Formerly worked at New York Times and Tumblr.

Jeff Schoolcraft (@jschoolcraft)

Software consultant, developer, and creator. He runs iOS Biz Weekly.



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