Wondering where to get tips and answers to your Andriod-related questions? Want to get true insights and advice? This is the place where you’ll find some of the most awesome Android influencers you should follow ASAP!


Jake Wharton (@JakeWharton)

Creator of ActionBarSherlock and NineOldAndroids.


Phil Nickinson (@philnickinson)

Editor of Android Central.


Andy Rubin(@Arubin)

Creator of Android.


Matias Duarte (@MatiasDuarte)

Google’s VP of Design.


Cyanogen (@cyanogen)

Creator of third-party Rom for Android phones and engineer at Samsung Mobile.


Roman Nurik (@romannurik)

Designer at  and an Android developer.


Tor Norbye (@tornorbye)

Software engineer on the Android team at Google.


Chris Banes (@chrisbanes)

Work at  DevRel on .


Tim Bray (@timbray)

Android developer advocate.


Nick Butcher (@crafty)

Design/developer advocate at .


Lars Vogel (@vogella)

Eclipse platform UI and e4 project lead. Android and Eclipse RCP developer.


Chris Lacy (@chrismlacy)

 and  developer.


Ben Eidelson (@ben8128)

Product Manager for Google+ Mobile.


Matias Duarte (@MatiasDuarte)

Director of Android Operating System User Experience at Google.


Sebastiano Poggi (@seebrock3r)

Google developer expert for Android.


Reto Meier (@retomeier)

Head of Scalable Developer Advocacy at Google, Android developer, and author of Professional Android 4 Application Development.


Juhani Lehtimäki (@lehtimaeki)

Android Enthusiast, CTO at  Fat Robot, and author of Smashing Android UI.


Nicole Cozma (@c0z)

Mobile and Android writer for CNET.


Cyril Mottier (@cyrilmottier)

Mobile Product designer & Google developer expert.

Behnam Fakhimi (@benocharm)

Android developer and founder of


JR Raphael (@JRRaphael)

Syndicated writer and author of Android Power.


Dave Smith (@devunwired)

Google developer expert for Android.


Benjamin Rubenstein (@BenjRubenstein)

Editor of


Xavier Ducrohet (@droidxav)

Android SDK Tech Lead.


Jason Howell (@jasonhowell)

Host of the All About Android podcast at the TWiT network.


Christian Göllner (@goellner88)

Developer of Android apps like Unclouded, NotiWidget, Flashify, and System Monitor.


Gina Trapani (@ginatrapani)

Android developer, co-host of TWiT’s This Week in Google podcast, and founder of Lifehacker.


Richard Hyndman (@geekyouup)

Android Developer Advocate at Google.


Chet Haase (@chethaase)

Graphics geek and Android animator.


James Kendrick (@jkendrick)

Mobile news blogger for ZDNet.


Taylor Wimberly (@wimbet)

Founder of


Taylor Ling (@taylorling)

Android/UI/UX/IA/IX Designer and Google Developer Expert in UX/Design.


Chiu-Ki Chan (@chiuki)

Android developer.


jessewilson (@jessewilson)

Android developer.


Philipp Jahoda (@PhilippJahoda)

Android developer and creator of the .


Rachid (@le3ky)

Founder of


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