Famous for Arsenalnaya Metro Station located in Kiev, the deepest in the world (105 meters). I bring you Ukraine’s top development houses to help you bring your -soon to be- mobile app to life. In this blog post, you’ll find the top app development companies in Ukraine, where you could potentially develop your app at and get all the help and support you need while creating it!







“Since 2009 we have produced over 50 highly successful iOS applications, most of which have been featured and top-ranked in the App Store. Get a free quote now and start turning your ideas into revenue-generating reality!”

  • Years of Experience: 8+
  • Clients: Press Point, Private Bank, Gloss
  • Address: Center Kiev, 01004 Ukraine







“We are experts in building unique web and mobile applications that perfectly match our clients’ objectives. If you want to create a brand new app from scratch or to continue an existing software project, our knowledge and well-organized development process will let you overcome the technical challenges and will lead you to the successful implementation of your ideas.”

  • Years of Experience: 16+
  • Clients: Getsocio, OnTrac, Agentfolio
  • Address: 4/26 Sholom-Aleikhema St. Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • Contact: 1-323-2500531



Appus Studio




“Appus Studio is a mobile app building company that performs a full-cycle work process. We design and make iOS & Android apps using powerful technologies. Our vast experience in IT outsourcing – over eight years – means Appus can confidently provide a 1-year warranty & post-production support on our work.”

  • Years of Experience: 7+
  • Clients: Love cam, Capsule, HeardIt
  • Address: Artema 17 str, 3rd floor Kharkiv, KH 61108 Ukraine
  • Contact: +380 5775 777 57



ArtBrains Software




“Our main advantages are an individual approach to each customer, development and support of software products of any difficulty. Effective management of the development, high professionalism of our staff and flexible approach to each customer helps us to complete the tasks in time and within the agreed budget.”

  • Years of Experience: 4+
  • Clients: AskPam, Learn Russian For IPad And IPhone
  • Address: Vodohinna, 2 Lviv, Ukraine
  • Contact: +38 (095) 004-004-7







“Development is our passion. We are a team of young professionals and our main goal is bringing extremely modern and compatible products to the world market. We do our best to make your idea shine and be recognizable!”

  • Years of Experience: 4+
  • Clients: Woddl, Instazoom, Silent fitness
  • Address: Dnipropetrovs`k, UA
  • Contact: +38-066-489-6889



Django Stars




“Looking for Agile team to build a great product? Hire us to produce Python / Django, Node.js and iOS / Android apps for your business.”

  • Years of Experience: 8+
  • Clients: moneypark, diviac, Timedom
  • Address: 04071 Kiev Verkhniy Val Street 4A
  • Contact: +380979777448






“For more than 20 years we’ve been helping businesses to innovate and build advanced products that matter.

We constantly invest in R&D and quickly adopt new technologies. Starting as early as you have an idea to validate, we stay there to ensure the successful outcome for each phase of the software product development process.”

  • Years of Experience: 20+
  • Clients: Phoenix, Event Store, Autodesk, Inc., USA
  • Address: 7 Naukova St., Building G Lviv 79060, Ukraine
  • Contact: +380 32 297-1251







“Exoft has many successful projects on its account 90% of which were done within the approved time and budget. Over the years, our company has accumulated unique experience in software development for customers of various industries and now we can offer our customers the best solutions in development and implementation of informational systems.”

  • Years of Experience: 3+
  • Clients: MindYourService, Bridgestone, Uplus55
  • Address: 111a Shevchenko Street Lviv, 79060 Ukraine
  • Contact: +38 (095) 004-01-10



GBK Soft




“GBKSOFT offers custom web and mobile software development and business analysis services that let your business perfect its technical requirements. Proper technological strategy minimizes risks and substantialy reduces changes to the project in development process.”

  • Years of Experience: 5+
  • Clients: drophook, upuzzle, snapchur
  • Address: Lermontova 6 Zaporizhzhya, 69000 Ukraine
  • Contact: +38 (097) 735-8248



InMotion Soft




“We are an outsourcing product and application development company. We provide end-to-end capabilities from product concept to completion. We are keen on technologies and use strong practices in the development process. We combine our experience, intelligence and best practices with your needs and vision, build strong partnerships and deliver quality services.”

  • Years of Experience: 3+
  • Clients: Bonus Place, Inspilights, RockIt
  • Contact: +38(067)474-0555







“KindGeek is a company of ambitious technology professionals. Our main idea is really simple – to help smart people, entrepreneurs and companies with technology aspects of their projects. We give them the opportunity to focus on the business while we do what we do best – amazing software development. We are a people oriented company. We believe that the only way to achieve outstanding results is to do the right things with the right people. The manifesto of our company contains principles such as trust, transparency, team spirit, quality, sense of beauty, health and social responsibility. Let’s rock together! Sincerely your kind geeks.”

  • Years of Experience: 3+
  • Clients: Domino’s Pizza, App Card, Caraoke
  • Address: 79018 45 Oleny Stepanivny Str. Lviv
  • Contact: +380918011135



MLSDev Inc.




“MLSDev specializes in providing all-in-one solution in mobile and web development. We follow Lean principles and work according to agile methodologies to deliver the best results reducing the budget for development and its timeline. ”

  • Years of Experience: 7+
  • Clients: ESPN, DANONE, GoPuff
  • Address: Ukriane Vinnytsia, 21001 Ukraine
  • Contact: +38 (097) 505 81 61







“Mobiwolf was established by enterprising Professionals with a strong IT background. The company’s development center is situated in Kyiv, in the Center of Ukraine. Mobiwolf provides custom Android, iOS, Windows Phone software development and IT outsourcing services for its clients from the USA and Europe.”

  • Years of Experience: 6+
  • Clients: Open Vehicles, TappedIn, Whiz Kid
  • Address: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Contact: +380509728676







“N-iX is an Eastern European provider of software development services with over 300 expert software engineers that power innovative technology businesses. Since 2002 we have formed strategic partnerships with a variety of global industry leaders including OpenText, Novell, Lebara, Currency Cloud and over 50 other medium and large-scale businesses. We build consumer, enterprise and game applications for all available platforms, supporting the client through the full cycle, from initial concept to UI/UX design, programming and final testing. ”

  • Years of Experience: 14+
  • Clients: Lebara Talk, SpamDrain, Top Connect
  • Address: 32 Storozhenka St. Lviv, 79018 Ukraine
  • Contact: +38 0322 295 767



NIX Solutions




“We create applications for the most popular mobile platforms: iPhone&iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Our iPhone apps have their analogues for the Android mobile platform. Interactive mobile applications offer unlimited functionality. Your ideas can be embodied in mobile apps!”

  • Years of Experience: 22+
  • Clients: cerepro, City Tour, Rise up
  • Address: 2, Karazina St. Kharkiv, 61002 Ukraine
  • Contact: +38 057 784-06-00







“Onix-Systems is a Ukrainian outsourcing company operating on the market since 2000. We provide offshore development services such as database design and integration, programming, e-commerce solutions and graphic design, mobile applications development, as well as business process outsourcing (BPO).”

  • Years of Experience: 16+
  • Clients: 10App, Hats Season, Image charge
  • Address: 76 Timiryazeva Str., office 801 Kirovograd, 25006 Ukraine
  • Contact: +38 (052) 236-11-72







“Program-Ace is an R&D and innovation-oriented software development company with 15 years of successful track record and vigorous growth at IT market.”

  • Years of Experience: 15+
  • Clients: namco, war gaming, electronic arts
  • Address: 56, Poltavsky Shlyah, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Contact: +38 057 712 21 80







“QuartSoft has been around to help businesses from all over the world build top notch web presence and implement their web- and mobile-based startup ideas since 1999. Since then our company has grown from a small group of enthusiast web developers and graphic designers to a well-rounded team of more than 100 professionals in a variety of areas.”

  • Years of Experience: 7+
  • Clients: Publicvine, Coral Isle, Magento extensions
  • Address: O.Tykhoho str, 10 Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, 84330
  • Contact: +380.626.414878







“We’re always on the edge of the technology trends and now actively using Swift in our mobile projects. Even more, Railsware engineers have built open source BDD style testing framework for Swift – Sleipnir – which already got more than 500 stars on GitHub. Our unified API’s and “mobile first” approach in application design is our “secret sauce” for the apps’ flawless look and feel on both Android and iOS.”

  • Years of Experience: 9+
  • Clients: Tinneshub, Booster, VOXEO
  • Address: 10-A Naberezhno-Kreshchatitska Kiev, 04070 Ukraine
  • Contact: +1 (646) 397 4918







“Redwerk is your one-stop shop for software development. We can help with: requirements analysis, custom solutions, architecture, UI/UX design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, system administration, and support.”

  • Years of Experience: 10+
  • Clients: WoldNow, Green Vally
  • Address: Bohdana Khmelnytskogo Str. 16-22 Kyiv, 01001 Ukraine
  • Contact: +380-73-4036422







“Romexsoft is a software development company, formed in 2004 in Lviv which is the prominent IT outsourcing center of Ukraine. During the last 10 years we’ve developed and successfully delivered more than 80 projects to our clients.”

  • Years of Experience: 12+
  • Address: 7b Naukova St. Lviv, Ukraine
  • Contact: +1-415-906-5226







“Rozdoum team provides software development outsourcing services. Since 2004 we have been practicing our strategic global business model combining the best of onshore and offshore software development to deliver products and services of prime quality for optimal costs. ”

  • Years of Experience: 12+
  • Clients: Eventor, Jira Streak Connector, Agile Remaining Estimate Counter
  • Address: Center Kharkiv, 61001 Ukraine
  • Contact: +1 315 707 7517







“Our Android and iOS mobile developers are experts in their area because of one easy thing – they live and breathe mobile. Product creation in Sannacode includes planning, researching, designing, architecture, developing and testing. Every our project is a unique ‘child’ for us. We do all our best to make it the best. Our expertise and work quality are growing with every day. We love new technologies, challenging tasks and great ideas. Let’s do amazing apps together!”

  • Years of Experience: 5+
  • Clients: World Clock, Monster Jobs, SMSCoder
  • Contact: +(380) 66 319 59 93







“Our passion is to create mobile and web products in order to simplify life and make the world a bit better.”

  • Years of Experience: 6+
  • Clients: Samsung, Mastercard, Nestle
  • Contact: +380 96 890 6666







“We are a Company, that fully manages the processes of business analysis, development, quality control and delivery of custom Web & Mobile applications. We affordably and efficiently support your business requirements and your software needs by providing technology & architecture consulting, user experience, development and quality assurance services. We are committed to becoming long-term, trusted technology partner, dedicated to meeting your needs today and support your growing needs tomorrow.”

  • Years of Experience: 7+
  • Clients: Creative Cellutions, Splash Design Studio Ltd
  • Address: Lenina ave, 40 Kharkiv, Kharkivska oblast 61000 Ukraine



SteelKiwi Development




“Core service of our company is web-development using python/django technology stack, followed by most modern frontend technologies like angular.js. We are actively expanding our development service and always open for any kind of cooperation. Besides our company includes brilliant mobile-development department, which includes both most popular platform develpers: iOS and Android. We’re creating all kinds of mobile apps, including games and highly-secured in-house applications for internal usage.”

  • Years of Experience: 5+
  • Clients: BlueBook, Hexed, Grand Park Auto
  • Address: Kievskaja 16 Vinnitsa, Ukraine
  • Contact: +38 (099) 4604190







“TechMagic team helps entrepreneurs kick off tech startups and be successful.
Experienced in iOS and Android development, we apply Lean Startup Methodology to provide our clients with the high-end and innovative solutions that fit the market needs.”

  • Years of Experience: 3+
  • Clients: EventInArea,, ClubBook: social networking app
  • Address: 18 Brativ Rohatyntsiv Street, Lviv, Ukraine, 79008
  • Contact: +38-097-158-1479



Trust Sourcing




“We are a young and passionate team of developers; ready to take on the challenges and needs of your business! Our goal is not limited to just creating websites or software, but to help your business to grow and prosper. By focusing on your business goals, we can help you exceed your expectations. At Trust Sourcing, our special approach is to treat you not just as a client, but more like a partner, since your success affects ours.”

  • Years of Experience: 11+
  • Clients: US Food, NIS, BMW
  • Address: 65, Peremohy Ave Kiev, 03062Ukraine
  • Contact: +38 050 265 71 60







“Our team uses strong practices in the development process, continuously deepening our technical experience as well as domain expertise. Top-notch knowledge we possess helps create world-class mobile solutions. This contributes to achieving expected results and makes us a reliable partner to our clients.”

  • Years of Experience: 9+
  • Clients: StreetEasy, Plaza, My Day
  • Address: st. Karla Marksa 5 Dnepropetrovsk,Dnepropetrovsk 49000 Ukraine






“We are a team of individuals motivated to generate ideas and create beautiful solutions for our customer.”

  • Years of Experience: 3+
  • Clients: Breakout, TSO, The HUB, and others
  • Address: Sobornii Av. 166, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
  • Contact:  +380932348571



Without a doubt, there are many great options if you decide to outsource development. check out the companies’ previous projects to see which one are more in- line with your vision and aspirations for your app. It really boils down to who you think will transform your idea the most.



While developing your mobile app, make sure to check out Instabug. We can help you with beta testing, bug tracking, and user communication.