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Why Join Instabug?


One of our key competencies at Instabug is that we’re a tight-knit team that can depend on each other and can get things done quickly. We value team chemistry and we try as much as we can to enhance that, whether it’s our weekly BugTalks and lunches or any other activity that we do as a team. We truly understand the importance of having a super team — or as we like to call ourselves a super “#BugSquad”.

We’ve always found that people who knew each other before joining Instabug tend to gel quicker into our culture and become better team players.

We’ve recently come across a concept originally introduced by Stripe that we believe is brilliant so we decided to try it out! We’re allowing engineers to apply to join Instabug as a team rather than individuals. 

Imagine this: You are at the office working side by side with your friends, having a good time, doing epic work, and most importantly, you know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you’re able to support one another. You grow together both as individuals and as a team.



So what’s the deal?


You can apply to join Instabug as a group of two or more. We’ll try as we much as possible to get you through the hiring process together, from being at the same stages of interviews to having you at the office at the same time. We’ll also give you a task that you can work on together as a team.

If you (as a team) are accepted, we’ll make an offer for all of you at the same time. Each one of you, individually, can accept or decline the offer. Once you’ve joined, you’ll all start on the same day, go through our on-boarding process together, and get to build some great things together as part of the #BugSquad.



Here are the steps to apply as a team:


  1. Make sure that each individual answers the questions provided in the job application.

  2. Indicate which role each person is applying for and a brief description of how you all know each other or have worked together in the past.

  3. Attaching a sample of things you’ve worked on as a group will be extremely helpful.

(We’re expecting teams to be primarily software engineers: Backend, Frontend, DevOps, QA, iOS or Android engineers.)



We’re really excited to see you all! Looking forward to receiving your applications.

Best of luck 🙂