Since we launched Instabug over three years ago, we’ve been helping thousands of apps squash millions of bugs. And since the very first day we launched, mobile developers have been amazed by how simple reporting a bug can be and how useful the data is that we capture.

But most of them had one initial problem with the bug workflow itself, “How can Instabug fit into my existing software development workflow?”

We asked, “What’s your existing workflow?” and most of our early users had nearly the same answer: “Atlassian… ummm… Jira to be specific.” So we instantly built an integration with Atlassian Jira Software to allow the issues sent from our SDK to be forwarded directly to our users’ Jira project. That boosted all our usage numbers and made many of our users much happier! And this pushed us to build more and more integrations with different tools. We built our second Atlassian integration with Bitbucket, which is now used by more than five million developers around the world.

Atlassian provides productivity and collaboration tools to help every team unleash their full potential. They’re powering innovation at 60,000+ companies worldwide including top companies like NASA, eBay, Toyota, BMW, Cisco, and thousands of others.

Over the past couple of years, more than one thousand apps are already using Instabug + Atlassian, which led us to believe that there’s more we can do here.

So today we’re launching new two integrations with Atlassian: HipChat and Jira Service Desk!


Now you’ll be able to receive notifications about any bugs or feedback your users are sending right in your HipChat room. And you’ll be able to get all your users’ conversations directly in Jira Service Desk so you and your team can reply back and have a conversation with end users.

Here are a few screenshots to show you how it works:



Instabug - HipChat

Instabug - JIRA Service Desk


We’re not just integrating with Jira Software anymore, but a majority of the Atlassian suite and these integrations work seamlessly together.

What’s more, in recent months we’ve been hearing from customers asking for our add-ons to be available in the Cloud where it can be installed directly from Atlassian products — and we’re happy to announce that’s now an option for all our integrations across the Atlassian stack. This will enable us to continually improve our integrations and present more rich content, so stay tuned for more updates!

Head over to Instabug Integrations Hub to learn more. Or head over to the Atlassian marketplace to start using the new integrations: Jira, Bitbucket, HipChat or Jira Service Desk.

Finally, we’d love to take this chance to thank the amazing Atlassian team for their continuous support over the past months to help us make this happen.