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We started Instabug to empower developers to ship better mobile apps. Today, with , we’re one step closer to that goal. We’ve been working on this mobile app beta testing marketplace for the past couple of months and we’re super excited to finally share it with everyone!

At Instabug, we’re helping thousands of companies with beta testing and streamlining the communication process between developers, testers, and users. Thousands of apps are using our SDK to facilitate in-app bug reporting, crash reporting, and conversations. This translates into 800 million users worldwide reporting bugs and sending feedback through Instabug.

We’ve seen companies struggling with getting testers and when they do, the data they receive often lack context. We also received requests from many of our users to help them with recruiting beta testers. That’s when we realized that one of the biggest problems with beta testing is that mobile app developers and product managers are not getting enough useful feedback.

So we thought, why not launch a platform for our users and our community that helps them get beta testers quickly and easy?  What if is this platform was completely free? Why not remove the long, complicated forms testers usually have to submit? Why not make is as simple as possible to upload your app to get it tested? The answer translated to, a free and easy-to-use platform connecting app developers and beta testers worldwide. is a platform where developers and beta testers come together to build better apps. Mobile developers will be able to submit their beta apps to gather feedback to iterate quicker, ship better apps faster, and cultivate a dedicated user base early on. We focus on listing the freshest apps available to give beta testers an opportunity to try out the best apps worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether the tester is a professional or just starting out, as we will empower testers through extensive resources about everything beta.


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At Instabug, we strive to enhance the app development community, assisting developers, startups, and businesses with tools that support their apps. We started with bug reporting, crash reporting, and in-app chats. Now, we’re happy (and crazy) to announce the launch of

Go ahead, give it a try, and tell us what you think!