The top apps in the world rely on Instabug, but what we’re most proud of is the huge community of developers we’ve amassed since we launched. But we didn’t achieve this alone.

While we at Instabug focused on relentlessly improving our products and making our users happy, our community grew naturally through users sharing the love and referring Instabug to friends and colleagues. And so now we want to give back the love.



What is the Instabug Affiliate Program?


With the Instabug Affiliate Program, you can earn 30% monthly commission on every paid signup you refer for the lifetime of the account. This means that if someone you refer signs up for the Instabug Gold plan, you’ll get $87.30 for each month that plan remains active. The average Instabug account lifetime is two years.



Why promote Instabug?



  1. Instabug is the #1 bug reporting tool for mobile apps! We’re on over 800 million devices and trusted by 15,000 customers, from indie developers to the world’s biggest businesses, because we make the app dev process easier and more seamless.

  2. We also provide the most useful metadata compared to our competitors, which means that no other company offers the level of detail that we do when it comes to the user data and logs that we provide to our customers. 

  3. Instabug is also the only company that offers this specific combination of tools (bug reporting, crash reporting, and in-app chats), which are highly sought after by app developers.

  4. One of our company values is to “Win Users’ Hearts”, which means that we put our customers first and center by providing them with exceptional support.

  5. We think all of our features are awesome, but one of our customers’ favorites is our intuitive “Shake to Send” gesture, which automatically activates a bug report just with a shake of the phone.



Who is eligible to join the Instabug Affiliate Program?


You could be a developer who recommends Instabug to another developer friend one-on-one. Or you might have a blog where you can recommend Instabug to your readers. Anyone can join for free and you don’t need your own website or any technical knowledge.



How can I join the Instabug Affiliate Program?


Getting started only takes a minute.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click this link.

  2. Click Join Now.

  3. Fill out your name, email address, and password.

  4. You’ll receive a personal affiliate link. Share this link with everyone you’d like to refer.

  5. Every sale that you bring us is 30% yours.



How does the Instabug Affiliate Program work?


  1. A visitor clicks on a link you shared on your website, blog, email, or social networks.

  2. The visitor browses our site, and may decide to go for the trial or activate a plan.

  3. If the visitor pays for a plan, this will be registered as a sale for you.

  4. You will receive commission payouts every month that plan remains active.



The Fine Print


That’s it, there are no hidden or setup fees when signing up to our affiliate program. You’ll benefit from the longest cookie duration of more than 120 days to track your referrals. And we’ll help you promote referrals with a wide range of assets, from banners, links, content, and more.


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