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Github is where software is built. It provides powerful collaboration, code review, and code management for open source and private projects. Millions of developers create and collaborate on millions of repositories and issue tracking with Github.

Github is also built to be a flexible issue tracker that lets you stay on top of bugs and focus on features. Your project’s issues page can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like. Filter by open and closed issues, assignees, labels, and milestones. Sort by issue age, the number of comments, and update time.

On the other hand, Instabug is the easiest way for your mobile users and beta testers to report bugs and send feedback about your mobile app directly from their devices. All they have to do is shake their device and we do the rest. We capture a screenshot that they can draw on, grab all device details in the background, and send them automatically with each bug report (OS, Device, Memory, Battery, App Version, Network and WiFi Status, Console Log and, most, importantly Visual User Steps).

Integrating Instabug with Github gives your team in Github all the details they need about each issue to fully understand the card without the need to go back to your users and ask for more info. With this integration, your bugs and users’ feedback can be converted to Github issues with just a click!



1. Report bugs and send feedback directly from your device.


Instabug (Image 1)



2. View issue details on Instabug and forward them to GitHub with one click!


Instabug (Image 2)



3. Collaborate with your team on your GitHub dashboard


Instabug (Image 3)

Installation instructions:
  1. Create an account on It’s for free!

  2. Download and integrate our SDK (iOS or Android) from the SDK tab. You only need to add 1-line of code in less than 60 seconds to get the SDK up and running into your app.

  3. Open App Settings -> Integrations -> Add new -> Choose GitHub and enter your details.

  4. You get a free 14-days trial on our Silver package when you first signup so don’t forget to activate your plan before that to continue using the GitHub integration.



Check out these demo issues on Github