The Perfect Finance App: Mobile Performance Strategy for Financial Services

Banks and traditional financial institutions operate in a more competitive environment than ever. During the last decade, banking habits and customer expectations have shifted entirely. The emergence and subsequent explosion in popularity of fintechs presents a new challenge to banks. By 2025, anywhere from 10-40% of bank revenues could be at risk from fintech competitors.…

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Interning at Instabug

It is time for Instabug’s summer internship program to kick off again! After the continued success of last years’ programs, we are super excited to have new and amazing talents joining us this year and collaborating with the BugSquad where both get to share their unique experiences.    The 1st internship after graduation can really…

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Debuggging mobile app network performance issues with Instabug

Debugging Network Performance With Instabug: Isolate and Resolve Issues Faster

Network errors or delays are among the worst-case scenarios for app users, and consequently, developers. But capturing, diagnosing, and debugging network issues with Instabug Application Performance Monitoring makes mitigating these issues simple and straightforward.   Read on to learn more about how to use the network performance monitoring features that make identifying and debugging issues…

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