observability vs monitoring

Understanding the Difference Between Observability and Monitoring

Application performance monitoring is a developer’s bread and butter when it comes to debugging and diagnosing system issues. If you’re a mobile developer, you’re likely familiar with monitoring platforms that help you keep track of such problems and identify failures that impact your app’s user experience. Technology is advancing, though. Monitoring is still essential, but…

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Creating UI Elements Programmatically Using PureLayout

Welcome to part two of Creating UI Elements Programmatically Using PureLayout. In the first part, we built a simple mobile application’s UI completely in code without the use of Storyboards or NIBs. In this tutorial, we will cover some of the most used UI elements in all applications: UINavigationController/Bar UITableView Self-sizing UITableViewCell   UINavigationController Explained…

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Top Mobile App Intelligence Tools

Mobile App Intelligence tools give you access to mobile app market data. Details include everything from app downloads, user retention, and activity to historical rankings, ratings, reviews, keywords, as well as advertising campaigns, creatives, and impressions. This makes mobile app intelligence tools perfect to keep an eye on your competitors, compare your app to theirs…

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