Instabug Product Updates

Highlights of 2017

Note: This post contains outdated product information. For the most current details about the Instabug SDK, see our documentation.     User Surveys   Instead of waiting for users to send feedback, reach out to them proactively and ask them about their feedback. This will help you make informed decisions about prioritizing your product roadmap.…

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Instabug Updates

Screen Recording, Real-Time Chats, Cross Platform Support, Atlassian Integrations, and Much More

We’ve added new awesome features! Make sure to head over to your dashboard and try it yourself. Apps use the Instabug SDK throughout various phases of app development, whether it’s for bug reporting, crash reporting, or customer support. Our mission is to provide an unmatched experience for each one on its own. With bug reporting, we’re allowing testers and users to record…

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